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Developing all individuals across mind, body and environment.

What We Do

We take a unique and dedicated approach to assist athletes and clients of all ages and levels to work towards being the best they can be.

Underpinning the PRIDE philosophy is an intrinsic understanding that better humans make better performers in all aspects of life and this performance cannot be achieved singularly in the physical domain and must embrace mental skills, cultural aspects and the environment in which they operate.


Optimal performance needs the mental skills and resilience to set goals, meet them and deal with setbacks along the way. PRIDE programs support clients to understand themselves and formulate their goals.

PRIDE athletes and clients are enabled to go to the next level, under guidance, to ensure that once a goal is achieved, or if a setback is faced, direction is maintained to allow you to continue to excel.

Define Your Goals


The PRIDE programs are designed to equip individuals to flourish, both physically and mentally under whatever pressure is applied.

Athletes and clients are assessed holistically to create a multi-modal program specific for you and your goals. At PRIDE we understand the importance of knowing each individual and ensuring that their program design is underpinned by quality data.

Achieve Your Goals


Key to PRIDE programs is a supportive and all-encompassing atmosphere which creates an environment where optimal success can be achieved.

You will be assisted to manage competing priorities from different areas of your life and develop schedules and strategies to manage work/school, sport, training, treatments, and social lives and importantly rest to ensure a balanced approach.

Manage Your Goals

A PRIDE Human Performance client is supported through the provision of specialised services by a committed and dedicated team of allied health, sports and fitness professionals.

At PRIDE Human Performance you are serviced by a multidisciplinary team led by a dedicated Performance Manager who is a single point of contact to assist you to move forward and ensure all elements of your program are progressing harmoniously. They will also liaise with other necessary stakeholders in your performance such as coaches, employers, schools and family to ensure a consolidated, fully integrated program provides the best environment for your success.

The holistic programs are underpinned by Sports Science and includes regular access to a Physiotherapist to receive specific and vital prehab and injury prevention to allow for optimal performance as well as intervention in the management of injury.

Psychology is part of the programs from the assessment phase through to achievement and sustainment of athletic performance or lifestyle goals and post-performance phases. This is complimented in the physical domain by personalised Strength and Conditioning in response to the personal attributes of the athlete and their goals. Further complimenting the preparation of the body, Nutrition forms a vital part of optimal performance in fuelling their body correctly in accordance with other elements of the program.

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